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The inaugural Black Hole Initiative Conference at Harvard featured LIGO researchers, scientists behind the Event Horizon Telescope, theoretical physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, and philosophers.  Session 1 is on LIGO, Session 7 is on the Event Horizon Telescope, and Session 8 is on Philosophy. Videos from the conference are here.

Black Hole Initiative Conference. Session 8: Philosophy
Session Chair: Peter Galison

Lydia Patton: Listening to the Chirps: Estimating Black Hole Parameters Using the LIGO Results  |  Slides
Erik Curiel: Classical Black Holes Are Hot |  Slides
David Wallace: Questions for Black Hole Evaporation from Quantum Statistical Mechanics  |  Slides
Jeroen van Dongen: History and Philosophy of the Black Hole Information Paradox  |  Slides



The 2017 collection Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy, edited by Sandra Lapointe and Christopher Pincock, emerged from a workshop at McMaster University. At that workshop, the participants were filmed.

To see videos of researchers discussing their work for the volume, including Audrey Yap, Dirk Schlimm,  Greg Frost-Arnold, Daniel Harris, Colin Johnson, Alex Klein, Marcus Rossberg, Jeremy Heis, Lapointe, Pincock, and Lydia Patton, click here.




A 2016 talk at Metropolitan State University in Denver, “Spatiotemporal Continuity in Mach’s Economy of Science”,  became a paper, “New Water in Old Buckets: Hypothetical and Counterfactual Reasoning in Mach’s Economy of Science,” now forthcoming with the Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook (Springer).

The video of the talk at MSU Denver is here.




Episode 9 of Hi-Phi Nation, “The Ashes of Truth”, is about the filmmaker Errol Morris and his fraught relationship with Thomas Kuhn.  Guest voices include Errol Morris, Lydia Patton, Thomas Rankin, James Challey, and Dan Epstein.